The Miss Coral Wild Rag Scarf

The Miss Coral Wild Rag Scarf

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This wild rag is approx 36” by 36”, perfect to wear as a scarf, hair tie, and makes the perfect western fashion accessory! *This wild rag will be in stock to ship or pickup on Thursday.*

More about Wild Rags:

Cowboys were known to use old flour sacks cut into squares when fabric such as a cotton was either too expensive are hard to come by while living on the range.


Some of the many uses for a wild rag include:


“Protection from the elements

A Potholder by the campfire

Strain drinking water

Temporary saddle rigging or a rope

Arm sling, tourniquet or bandage (for man or beast)

Flagging a race

Nose blower

Draping over the eyes of a spooked or ornery horse